Vietnam Currency

Vietnam Currency: Dong

Vietnamese Dong (VND)

The Currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong, its abbreviation is VND. The exchange rate of the Vietnamese Dong between the Euro is 28.000VND = 1€, and the exchange rate with the American dollar is 20.000VND = 1$.
The standard of living in Vietnam is 3 to 4 times cheaper than in Europe or America. Prices in Vietnam use tend to be thousands of Dongs, that's the reason in Vietnam there are almost no coins.

Currency Exchange

Where to get Vietnamese Dong in Europe?
Unfortunately there's no bank or exchange center that has Vietnamese Dong outside Vietnam. However you can exchange Vietnam Dong contacting any traveler who came from Vietnam or oversea Vietnamese people. How to contact with people to exchange Dongs?, quite easy, just use our forum:

Where to exchange Vietnam Dong into Euros in Europe?
Pretty much the same problem as before, you will need to contact an individual to exchange currency. You can use our forum:

Where can I exchange Euros or Dollars for Dong in Vietnam?
You can exchange currency in any Vietnamese Bank or currency exchange center, also you can exchange currency in some jewelry shops.
However the best option is, by far, an ATM. The bank fee is quite low and the exchange rate is the official.

Why I can't get Vietnam Dong in my bank?
The Vietnamese Dong doesn't quote outside Vietnam, it's Vietnam policy to keep Vietnam wealth within the country. However you can place international bank transfers if you can justify the reason. For instance, if a relative lives abroad and you have a paper, bill, etc to justify the transfer. For the foreigners who work in Vietnam, they are allowed to transfer the whole amount of their payment roll if you have a proper reason (ex: mortgage, loan, etc).

ATM in Vietnam

ATM in Vietnam have the same symbol as in America ATM, ATMs are usually limited to 2.000.000VND (around 80$) per transaction, but there are some others that will allow us to get 6 even 8 million Dong (around 400$).

Credit card in Vietnam

Credit cards in Vietnam are not that popular, but in shopping malls and tourist areas they accept Visa, mastercard and American Express. Our recommendation is to use local currency (Vietnam Dong), it's more convenient to pay in small shops or street markets.

Curiosities regarding Vietnam Dong

Vietnamese Dong Notes
Almost all the currency are notes. Vietnam Dong notes start in 500VND and the biggest note is 500.000VND, all of them have Ho Chi Minh, national idol, face printed on the back part. Vietnam Dong notes have several places all over Vietanm, for instance, printed on the 100.000 VND note is the Temple of the Literature of Hanoi, on the 20.000VND note the Japanese Covered Bridge of Hoi An, on the 50.000 VND note Hue Cidatel and on the 200.000VND notes Halong Bay.

Pictures of Vietnam Dong

These are the pictures of all the Vietnam Dong notes.

Vietnam Dong
500VND Vietnam Dong note

Dong Vietnam currency
500VND Vietnam Dong note

Vietnam Dong (Vietnam Currency)
1000VND and 2000VND Vietnam Dong note

Vietnam Currency Vietnamese Dong
50.000VND Vietnam Dong note

Vietnam Vietnamese Dong
100.000VND Vietnam Dong note, printed the Temple of the Literature of Hanoi

Vietnam Coin
500.00VND Vietnam Dong note, the biggest note in Vietnam

History of the Vietnamese Dong

The Vietnamese Dong is the official currency of Vietnam since May 3rd 1978. In Vietnamese it's written as Đồng. This currency is issued by the National Bank of Vietnam.

Before the reunification there were 2 currencies:
  • The currency of the North of Vietnam, the Dong, which replaced in 1946 the French piastre, after the revolution against the french.
  • In the South of Vietnam, the currency is dated from the year 1953, the name was indistinctly Dong or Piastre. After the fallen of Saigon in 1975, the currency name changed into "Liberation Dong".

There are also two more rare notes: 5.000VND and 20.000VND.
Vietnam coins are manufacturer in Finland, their value is 200VND, 500VND, 1.000VND, 2.000VND and 5.000VND. These coins are from the year 2003, but they are rarely used due to the Vietnam inflation.

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